The Kiosk Project

A collaboration between artists Marcus Jefferies and Colin Higginson.

As a part of the Art Weekender Bristol and Bath we will be creating a site specific, interactive installation in the form of a kiosk, acting as a base to dispense free, purpose made, souvenirs that explore the nature of place, history and the value placed in traditional heritage.

The artworks purpose is to celebrate a forgotten part of the city centre by engaging people in conversation, gathering opinions and encouraging curiosity in the site and its importance to the city’s history.

The giving out of souvenirs will define a fleeting experience and invite further contemplation of the area. We would encourage visitors to respond to the work by sending us images of the souvenir in its final resting place via social media – instagram: thekioskproject. #thekioskproject

Located in the grounds of the disused Norwich Union building on the edge of Castle Park in Bristol, the site incorporates two ruins – an abandoned modernist office block and a medieval church. The relationship between these buildings and how they interact physically, historically and socially will be key elements of the activity. Through the subversion of the nature of souvenirs we would question the values commonly recognised in local heritage and cultural tourism. We want the kiosk to promote a sense of intrigue in the space by highlighting the sites forgotten and overlooked history – encouraging people to take an alternative and imaginative look at how we view and interact with the disused spaces of our city, their hidden histories and potential futures.

The Kiosk project is part of the Art Weekender Bristol and Bath a large event that will take place over five days across both cities.

See Website: http://www.artweekender.com

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